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You find Reflection Gallery just on the left at the bottom of the hill, as you enter historic Canyon Road. The Gallery has been in this location for 20 years representing Fine Art from the United States, Russia, the Ukraine, Germany, France, Spain, Peru and China. We specialize in original works of impressionism and realism, as in the impressionist landscapes and seascapes of Rustem Stahurski, the Still Life of Alexander Shabadei and the realistic Still Life of  Jerry Weers  and the realistic interiors of  Cendriah Maloney. and with their eis paintings a must see and for many, a  The colorful, strong impasto paintings of Dmitri Motov and the lovely palette and texture of Valeriy Shmatko have been appreciated and sought after for many years now. Our Spanish star, Pedro Fraile, lights up the front room! A child prodigy, Pedro has devoted his life to his art and his pieces have graced the homes of many of our collectors since we discovered his work eleven years ago. Ukranian impressionist Taras Tabaka’s works have rapidly  become popular with our Reflection collectors.


Many times customers have wandered into our storage rooms to discover their perfect painting! We do have many paintings that are in storage because we don’t have enough walls! Of course, we are happy to bring them out for you to view!

The sculpture of  Susanne Vertel, Stephen Potter, Don Huntsman, Joshua Spendlove,  Jack Maxwell and Rik Sargent are admired throughout the gallery and outdoors in the sculpture garden. Susanne Vertel’s life-size commission of Robert Oppenheimer can be viewed at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Her ballerinas, Geishas and numerous versatile pieces grace almost every room. The amazing sculptor Lee Andreason  depicts the care and love of craft and the horse as sculpture. Rik Sargent’s Leap of Faith and Evolution if An Idea are so motivating and imaginative! Stephen Potter’s diverse talent is seen in his figures of Creation and Source and Joshua Spendlove’s ballerinas and jesters are a favorite here.

The innovative, contemporary “Float” paintings of MK Hargrove sometimes shock the traditional Reflection customer.  MK loves to see the different reactions to her pieces. She is often popping into the gallery as she is our art consultant. Her fresh new work is a culmination of years as a landscape and sky painter who, over time, happened to naturally evolve into experimentation! She breaks rules! Come see!

Wait! There’s a whole lot more!

There’s the famous Russian American couple Evgeny and Lydia Baranov. Surprisingly, they paint on the same canvas at the same time!!  Lydia calls it a dance! Their beautiful works are in some of the finest art collections in the world.

Jack Maxwell, a world renowned sculptor, is also an art professor and a painter. He and his wife Jill travel to Europe each summer. Then, Jack paints the interiors of the world’s most beautiful buildings and cathedrals.

There is always something new for returning visitors to see at Reflection Gallery and we also continue to represent our permanent stable of artists for their returning collectors. We welcome all of you art lovers to Reflection whether you are buying or just enjoying our gallery.

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