Andrei Selenin


Andrei Selenin was born to a fisherman’s family.  His upbringing gave him an appreciation for the elemental side of life.  At the age of 16 he decided to become and artist.  He painted with artist friends and trained with private teachers who lived in his area.  He began his formal art studies at the Kharkov Art Institute in the Ukraine.  Later he continued his studies at the Academy of fine Arts in St. Petersburg.  In this world class city of fine arts, grand museums, and celebrated architecture, he worked and studied with some of Russia’s most gifted painters.  The beauties of St. Petersburg’s imperial past and the city’s great collections of art from the best Russian and European masters offered a rich milieu for the painter.

Currently, Andrei Selenin lives near Moscow.  He has long made it his practice to search through lovely wayside markets for beautiful objects that inspire his paintings of still-lives.  He is also on a continual search for models with a rich sculpted appearance that move him deeply for his portraits.

Only in his thirties, Selenin already has gained a reputation both in his country and abroad for his painting ability and personal aesthetic.  The technical expertise the Russians are so famous for is apparent in his composition and brush work.  Yet beyond technicality lies the real appeal of Selenins’s art – his bold use of his skills to translate reality into pure essence, one that is perceived by the senses while communicated to the spirit.  Andrei Selenin belongs to a special breed of artists whose work is known world-wide for excellence.

Reflection Gallery has proudly represented Selenin for the past ten years.