Marty Ricks

Marty Ricks was born in Rexbourg, Idaho in 1961.  He recalls, “In many ways this was a good thing, and one that has served to plant in my heart a deep love of nature and a sense of who I was in relation to the world around me.  I had time and space to roam, mostly alone, and to make discoveries in my own way and at my own pace.”

“I had the great fortune to be born into a family of fiercely independent creative people who nurtured and encouraged my creative side.”   Ricks’ father, Don Ricks, was a self styled man who made a living painting signs and inventing various things until he became a full time artist and teacher in his mid thirties.  “My father’s artistic mentor and life long nemesis was the Russian artist Sergei Bongart.  We all grew up working in and around the art business that the two of them established in the Rexburg area.  Sergei, who had everyone around him referring to himself as “the master” really was one and he has been a great force in the art world in the western US.”  Iris Hunter Ricks whose great talent was singing was an accomplished soprano, told Ricks that “it must be imprinted on your DNA to be an artist.”  Three of Ricks’ brothers are painters.  Douglas Ricks is a “true artist poet who has fed me books, introducing me to all of my favorite artists:  Russell Chattham, Thomas Aquinas Daley, and George Inness to name a few.”

Marty Ricks has received much fame and recognition as a “Master Framemaker.”  He is founder and president of Krieger-Ricks, based in Springville, Utah.  “In my career as a frame maker I have become acquainted with many great artists and some of them have had a profound impact on me.  Ovances and Galust  Berberian, some of Sergei’s students, have greatly impacted my aesthetic.

Marty Ricks is now receiving the same national acclaim for his landscape paintings as his brilliant frame design. He is represented by many of the nation’s finest art galleries, Reflection Gallery is proud to show his work in Santa Fe.