MK Hargrove


“Art ends at the closed mind. Stay Open. Never let your ART STOP!” MK Hargrove

MK describes herself as a painter who manipulates and experiments with paints and mediums to create a new, fresh artwork called “Intutive Fluidity” or “Float” for short.
This is her form of Abstract Expressionism.

Artist’s Statement- MK Hargrove

There is a constant metamorphosis in my painting. This must be the case. Otherwise, my creativity stagnates.
I shall always push for a new mix, a different flow or a bend in the river of paint!
I must be exhilarated with what I am creating; forever surprised.
My paintings have been called, “Bursts of Energy”.
It is my hope that the viewers, who really see my work, feel that energy; for it is wholly shared with them.
Knowing most of the art rules, I endeavor to break them or not let them hinder me as I discover new, interesting ways to work.
My art is truly about having fun with self-expression.  Conformity is not an option.

MK Hargrove