Pedro Fraile

About the Artist
When Pedro Fraile was barely eight years old, he went to live and study with the great Spanish master Manuel Benedito and ended up spending four years in his creative workshop. After four years of intense tutelage from Benedito, Pedro returned to his parents in Madrid and attended a School of Arts & Crafts. It was there that he learned the difficult discipline of charcoal drawing by copying the classical Greek and Roman sculptures.

After primary school, Fraile enrolled in the Superior School of Fine Arts in Madrid. No one in Fraile’s family possessed artistic talents; therefore, his parents were concerned that their young son would become discouraged while attempting to survive as an artist amidst a country full of famous artists, however, Fraile was not deterred. After finishing his studies, he frequently visited the countryside, becoming fascinated and deeply stirred by the plush colors he saw.

While living for a short time in Castille, Fraile was as equally influenced by the Mediterranean landscape and lighting, but ultimately returned to Madrid to concentrate on making a living out of painting.

He often returns to the countryside for inspiration. Fraile has exhibited in Spain, France, Brazil, Italy, Holland, and the United States and his works are in private collections worldwide.

Reflection Gallery has proudly represented Pedro Fraile for the past seven years.