Joshua Spendlove


Widely recognized as a child prodigy in art, Joshua Spendlove’s talent and natural ability grew into a passion that kept him productive throughout his youth, creating hundreds of pieces all before the age of 18.

Spendlove quickly recognized that sculpture was the medium for the greatest expression of motion and the artistic forms of the human body, “three-dimeinsonal poetry” as he once called it. Obsessed with the complexity and magnificence of the human anatomy, he meticulously studies the bone and muscle structures of his models for accuracy.
One of his greatest joys is watching an idea manifest into reality, from a mere glimpse of creative thought, to a tangible resilient masterpiece.Spendlove has dedicated his life to art and can be found sculpting daily in his southern Utah studio. As a full-time sculpture, Spendlove has won numerous prestigious awards for his works and has many collectors, both public and private, throughout the country.