Taras Tabaka


Taras Tabaka was born in 1965 in Uzhgorod, Ukraine (the former Soviet Union.)
Taras has been painting in fine art since 1987 where his landscapes are nationally recognized.  He has two studios, one in Uzhgorod, Ukraine and the other in Budapest, Hungary.
Taras studied at The School of Art in Uzghorod under the studio direction of Z. Bakoniy from 1972 – 1982.
iv Polytechnical University, faculty of Architecture from 1983-1991.
The National Academy of Arts, studio of monumental fine arts in Kiev from 1992-1997.
Taras paintings are currently on exhibit in Essen Germany, Budapest Hungary and Reflection Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Artist Statement –  “You don’t intrude into an illusion; you are a part of it …” –  John Fowles.
The world around us is what we think of it. Yes, it is woven from the quotations, and it is difficult for us to identify the most important images among its endless variety of repetitive pictures. Those that allow us to live in harmony and take it as it is…
Alas, life experience is limited in time, and harmony makes no provision for expectations. The path to it is not easy, but it is beautiful.
Our era is the current reality, devoid of guarantees of constancy. But where there’s a will  there’s a possibility to find so much scope for soul and mind, as there was not in the most enlightened times. The main thing is to be sincere and honest with yourself.
I’m a stalker and a conductor, an artist, who interprets Art not as a form but as a meaning of life. An idealist with a wanderer stick and a samurai code of honor. I came into this world to do my job.
Everything that I may paint surrounds us, in fact, and everyone comes into contact with it anyway. I’m just eager to rethink these fragments, give them meaning, power and infinite love of life.