Valeriy Shmatko

Valeriy Skmatko was born in Kharkiv, Urkraine in 1965.  He studied at the Kharkiv Art Institute where he graduated with a dual degree in painting and painting restoration.

Light inspires him to choose a subject and create a composition where form, space, tone and color are in total harmony.  Many years of painting on location has taught Shmatko the mastery of color and light.  The infinite shades and tones of his palette are layered in a sophisticated yet subtle manner.  He paints studies on location and then creates larger canvasses in his studio.  He especially likes the Black Sea shore in Crimea.

Shmatko describes his art as “realistic painting.”  He delights in the beauty of nature, which inspires him to paint the landscapes of his native Ukraine.  His attentive observations of nature help him to create a “real” or accurate picture of this world.  It is important to Shmatko that the viewer easily understands his art.

His work has been exhibited in the Kharkiv Art Museum and the Donetsk Art Museum.  He is represented internationally by fine art galleries and is in many private collections throughout the world.