Wang Bing

Wang Bing. Man. Born in 1963 in Yingkou City  Liaoning Province in China. Now lives in China beijing city, a professional painter. A Members of Artists Association of Liaoning Province , Graduated from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 1985. Works has participated in exhibitions at home and abroad and winning.The exhibits have been friends and experts praise at home and abroad.Large collection of works by domestic and foreign collectors.

  • 1992, Youth Art Exhibition (Singapore)
  • 1993, Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition in Northeast (Shenyang city in China)
  • 1999, Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1999 Provincial Art Exhibition.
  •  2004,Works in Liaoning Province Art Exhibition(China)
  •  2006, Oil Painting Exhibition in Liaoning Province(china)
  •  2008, “The Song Zhuang Ji Shi”exhibition.Songzhuang Museum (Beijing in China)
  •  2009  Participate in Songzhuang “Artists Community Exhibition(Beijing in China