Dmitry Motov



 The paintings of Dmitry Motov invite the viewer to become a participant in his village life in Russia; endless fields, small rivers, lakes, boats on the banks, dirty roads deformed by rain. Everything, even not the most beautiful side of life is depicted by the artist with love. Motov was born in a village on the Volga River. His parents noticed his artistic talent when Dmitry was 11 years old. They were both highly educated doctors and had many friends who were artists. His talent was therefore encouraged and he learned how to build a compositon, how to work with paint, light and color very early. Motov’s studies include work at the Art College in Kharkov City, Ukraine and study at the museums in Kharkov, Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg. His art combines two treasures: the Russian School of painting and a folk tradition which is of distinct mastery.