Tom Cannon

A second generation ceramic and pottery artist (Tom’s mother was a New York ceramist)
Tom grew up immersed in the language and understanding of clay and expressive art.
Tom’s dad was also an art director in Manhattan.

    Tom’s professional career began with 13 years in Japan, which included an apprenticeship with master potter Yasuteru Miura Sensei in Kyoto. His early works were displayed at Yamaki Gallery in Osaka. Tom further delved into ancient cultures by visiting Thailand, Nepal and India.

      In Boulder, Tom furthered his  studies at the University of Colorado with Betty Woodman. When the opportunity became available, he eagerly returned to Japan to hone his skills and eventually built his own wood-fired kiln and sold his work at top venues in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Tom’s work is found in many private collections in Japan and throughout the United States. His work is also available as commissioned art.

  Besides his work displayed in galleries, Tom’s art pieces are available as commissioned works. Tom’s art is broken down into three general categories; fine art cast bronze, raku-fired ceramics, and functional pottery, which he learned from the masters during his thirteen years in Japan. Please call if you need additional information on a particular piece.